When BANTUSTAN was first published, in 2015, the whole print run sold out in two months, followed by the second and then the third, all within the same year. Packaging, addressing and sending out several thousand books is no joke. Luckily, with the help of The Travel Club volunteers, we managed to pull it off.

Lazar’s apartment right after the first edition of Bantustan was published

That same year, we went on a book tour around Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. We visited around 20 cities and towns, where we talked about the concept of independent travels, hitchhiking, traveling in Africa, various approaches to travel writing, as well as our other projects and – of course – BANTUSTAN.

Lazar and Uros talking about Bantustan, Museum of African Art, Belgrade, Serbia
Uros signing copies of Bantustan for our readers in Pula, Croatia
Lazar with Kenyan students studying at Belgrade University, Serbia

While traveling in Africa we often relied on hitchhiking, not only due to our very limited budget, but also to prove that the world belongs to everyone, and traveling around it doesn’t have to be a luxury. Hitchhiking made it possible to meet more people and hear more stories. We wanted to prove that hitchhiking in Africa is possible – just like anywhere else.

Uros and Lazar hitchhiking in Namibia
Marko and Uros hitchhiking in Zambia, in the back of a cattle truck
Uros and a Herero woman at the back of a pickup truck in the Namib Desert, Namibia

BANTUSTAN was crowd-funded and self-published. To make it possible for the readers to enjoy the intricate, exquisite details of the illustrations, Bantustan is a large book (16.99 x 24.41 cm or 6.69″ x 9.61″). To fully appreciate the maps and other graphic elements, we warmly recommend going with the printed version.

The following photos show the Serbo-Croatian language edition of the book, and are here for reference only. In the international edition, all the maps and other contents are in English.

Map of Tanzania. In the international edition, all the maps are in English.
Map of Uganda. In the international edition, all the maps are in English.
Map of Zambia. In the international edition, all the maps are in English.

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